Vacancy Vacancy Wed, 10 Aug 2022 02:19:52 +0530 en-us Job Title: Senior Accountant Cum Projects Incharge Wed, 23 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Duties and Responsibilities Attendance System ● Whatsapp: Employee has to post In and Out everyday when they come and leave the site respectively. ● Camera: You will have to report in the morning 8am to check the respective camera of the various sites to mark their present. ● Register: Marking attendance of Site employees, Departmental Labours, Office Employees and operators. To be crosschecked weekly. Material Check System: ● Everytime a material comes in or goes out of the office, the attendant needs to check it through the cameras, take respective screenshots and store in the folders. ● Here material includes everything from a small Pin to a Truck containing cement, steel, murram, sand, etc. ● Quantity check is very important here. To be cross checked every time. ● The same entry needs to be cross checked everyday through the material inward and outward report generated by the employees at the site on a daily basis. ● Diesel: Need to check who is taking the machine for diesel, diesel measurement in front of the cameras, daily reporting of diesel in the reports. ● Controlling the cameras to check the movement of the vehicles coming in and going out of the site. Through PTZ. Timing to be noted everytime. Labor payment list preparation and cross checking it before presenting. Preparing List of laborers at the site and cross checking it twice a day. (One in the morning and another one after lunch break) Departmental labour. Make them stand in a line in front of the cameras, count men and women and prepare the name list accordingly. Only Count of Contractors labours also to be included. Paver plant: ● Recording of the inward and dispatched material everytime. ● Entry of the material/pavers produced at the site to be input in the daily reporting of reports, maintaining the same in the excel sheet and checking through the cameras of the inventory present at the site. Material Requirement System: ● Everytime a material requirement is generated, it shall be generated in the whatsapp group. Once confirmed, same should be entered in the material requirement sheet. ● Taking follow ups of the material ordered is very important. You will be incharge from ordering the material, to its dispatch and its dumping on the site. In any confusion, speak to sir for ordering related part. ● In follow-ups, one need to check whether the order is placed or not, whether the material has reached the site or not and if it has not reached the site then enquiring about it through the material supplier. Time to noted when the material will reach the site. HR Office and Employees ● List of employees document to be noted everytime an employee joins the organisation. The list includes: Aadhar card, Pan card, bank account details, licence and resume. Hard copy to be documented in a file Soft Copy to be scanned and kept in the folder. ● KMs reading of the bike to be noted on a monthly basis for the employees with conveyance given. Quantity of petrol to be noted and amount allotted to be calculated. ● Salary sheet of the employees to be made, crossing the attendance, making their salary slips and calculating their salaries. ● Any Suppliers bill coming directly to the office should be presented in the daily file to sir. Inform to pravin sir for the same ● Check the list of items to be presented in everyday file and same to be followed everyday. ● If the cheque of any supplier is prepared, contact and delivering cheque to the supplier. ● After month end, ask for the statements from the suppliers, coordinate with pravin sir to get to know which suppliers to contact. ● Incase of any confusion, always speak to Sanjay Sir or Devansh Sir before taking any action which can cause repercussions. ● Common register for all the material which is getting dumped at the site to be maintained. Speacially for Sand, cement, steel, etc Mailing handling should be proper ● Any bills coming through the mail should be printed and kept in the daily file. Soft copy to be copied in the respective folders. ● Any resumes coming on mail should be stored and saved in the respective folders. ● Any drawings coming through the mail should be printed and present in the daily file. Same to be copied in the respective folder on the computer. ● The drawings should be put in the respective Files kept in office in coordination with Ashish bhaiya. Posting Inward : All Sites Outward : All Sites Billing Expense sheet: Weekly Labor Payments: Weekly Labor Kharchi Contractors Bill Suppliers Bill Salary Monthly Machinery Rental: Company Monthly Diesel Report Bank and Cheque payment entries Monthly Statement Verification Cheque: Make it Inform to supplier Seal on bill Voucher for cheque Apart from these there may be other responsibilities as well